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Fired by a desire to light the lamp of education, Mr. John M. Thomas, the founder and chairman, started the school in 1979 with only 200 students and 35 teachers, the goal was crystal clear – we wanted to partner in the educational sector of Dubai by offering value-based education that will in turn contribute to the growth of this city.

An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. That simple statement, yet so profound in its wisdom is one of the cornerstones of Gulf Indian High School’s (GIHS) ethos. Education is the key to UAE’s future success in an increasingly globalized economy. With education emerge qualified human resources to turn the engines of the nation’s prosperity.

Today, we have grown over ten-fold in sheer numbers, supported by a sprawling 35,000 sq ft campus in Al Garhoud. We take pride in imparting values that will prepare the students for life. We aim to train children to develop an interest and love for learning.

Even as we grew in size, the basic focus towards education has remained unchanged. We continue to be the ‘big village’ that raises ‘every single child’. As always, we remain committed to the all-round development of children. It is more than a commitment – it is our responsibility to parents and the society, to groom responsible global citizens, who can benefit from the opportunities while meeting the challenges of the modern world.

We will remain steadfast in our mission towards excellence and prepare our students for a bright future. It is our duty and we will honor it.

Mr. John M. Thomas,
Founder and Chairman.